Service Highlight

PT. MITRA SUKSES TELEKOMINDO (MST) offers to supply the products and professional services that can improve the efficiency, effectiveness and corporate performance because the proper support of the products and solution. With the experiences and human resources that ready to help you whenever and wherever you need.


Optical Network Solutions

Data and Voice Network Communications are essential to help the process of running a business today. With experienced network consultant,

PT. MITRA SUKSES TELEKOMINDO (MST) can assist you in making decisions, including advice in determining the design, planning, network implementation suggestions and helping companies to get a solution with a budget that needs an efficient network.


Optical Products Supply

PT. MITRA SUKSES TELEKOMINDO (MST) can help companies by supply the world wide Optical Network products that can rejuvenate your old network to adapt to the latest technology without replacing all your existing devices, it will be very efficient and effective in terms of price, time and your existing business continuity.


System Integrator and Maintenance

System integrators perform system integration

Process on the new network system without disturbing the existing or an existing Network performance and minimize downtime, which in this case becomes absolutely necessary. 

PT. MITRA SUKSES TELEKOMINDO (MST) also offers a data and voice communications network maintenance crucial and   comprehensive nature of the existing network system. So the company can better concentrate on running the business.


Network Consultancy

We are Supported by highly experiences consultants, PT. MITRA SUKSES TELEKOMINDO (MST) can help you in making a decision to find the right solutions as well as give a suggestion for the other choices of solution. This is very helpful for customer to make a system upgrade and budgeting.


PT. MITRA SUKSES TELEKOMINDO (MST) has VAR agreements with the leading worldwide network principle to propose the best solution.